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by ls1_admin, on 4th April 2016 | 0 comments

, Travelling abroad for dental implants?

To Go or Not to go ? that is the question

The number of patients travelling abroad for dental implants especially dental treatments has risen over the past few years, There are no official statistics on the number of people travelling abroad for dental treatment. But a 2007 survey by the consumer association Which? Found dentistry is one of the most popular types of planned treatment for UK residents. This is a trend that seems to be growing.

We have seen /heard of patients from Leeds, traveling to other countries ( some Developing countries ) in search of low costing dental implants . Now we all like a bargain and want to save money in these difficult times but our advice to our leeds patients is to consider all the facts before embarking on a dental trip….

LS1 Dental Leeds  advice on things to consider

Communication –  communication difficulties are not just because of the language difference – there are also cultural differences that you must consider.  It is essential that you understand and can communicate with any dental practitioner to ensure you are always completely informed of all aspects of any treatment

Travel costs
–  implants are a complex treatment and will require multiply visits , and your aftercare must also be calculated into your costs , as many patients do and can need additional visits after the procedure
Standards –  Given that the dental standards in developing countries are nowhere near the standards you will find here in the UK nor are some of other countries regulated in the same way we would urge any patient to really consider this fact prior to anything else –  Legally you may not be covered in the same way you would back in the UK should anything go wrong with your treatment or if problems arise while you are back in the UK

– this is a huge part of your treatment and regular post-operative appointments are required, to ensure all is going well. This would not be possible if seeking treatment abroad as to keep costs down this is usually an area they quote is not required.

Quality of Work -, in most cases, is poor. In fact, you risk destroying your teeth permanently by seeking cheapier options outside the UK
The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has also raised their concerns by issuing a warning .

According to James Goolnik, who is an Academy board members, cases of seriously botched treatments in patients who come back to Britain have surged. He says “given that foreign dental works tends to be cheaper and faster compared to how it is in Britain, many Britons find it very tempting”. But according to him, if you know the real risks of procedures like teeth implants, you would not choose to go abroad.

LS1 Dental Leeds advice may seem a little biased but we recommend UK treatment over all would be a safer option with all things considered..  The extra expensive in the UK is to ensure you receive the highest level of patient care, the materials used will be of the highest standard and your dental team will have to adhere to UK regulatory standards .

Should you wish to discuss dental implants with the team at LS1 Dental or any other treatment please feel free to contact us , our experienced team will always be happy to help .
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