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by ls1_admin, on 2nd February 2017 | 0 comments

More Smiles please

LS1 Dental Leeds , we shocked to read a survey ( as detailed below ) states that on average we only smile seven times a day !!! LS1 Dental have now taken up the challenge to increase everyone’s smiles !!

Survey details

The average adult manages just seven smiles a day – and at least one is probably false, according to a study.
It found even the most cheerful of us smile only 11 times a day, while the grumpiest produce just one.
The poll of 2,000 adults found the 51 per cent of us who admit to a daily false smile reserve it for our bosses.
Despite our relative unwillingness to smile, we love receiving them. The study found nearly a quarter of us revel in a smile from a lover, and around a fifth in one from our children or another family member.
Sometimes, we just can’t help smiling. One in five of those polled for the toothpaste company BlanX admitted they had smiled inappropriately at a funeral, and almost half during a heated argument.
BlanX spokesperson Louise Marks said: ‘When our lover flashes us a big, bright white, toothy smile it just melts our hearts, our research has found.
‘We love smiles from our kids and family too but it is when the one we love breaks out into a smile that we just can’t help but get all gooey.

‘We don’t smile as much as we thought the UK would, an average of seven and a half times each every day. That’s not a lot when you think about how many people we come in contact with every day.
‘But sometimes our smiles can get us into trouble. Like when we smile at funerals, or in the middle of arguing with our loved-ones. It’s hardly appropriate is it?
‘The one thing that did come out of the survey though, is that a genuine, big smile from someone we care about has the power to transform our day no matter what kind of mood we are in.’

So what is stopping us smiling as much as we could ??? unhappy with the appearance of your teeth possibly ? Well LS1 Dental Leeds can help with that from Simple dental examinations, and regular visits to the Hygienist for a scale & polish or maybe even our stain removal treatment Prophy- Flex. All the way to smile makeovers, tooth whitening, Veneers
Lets get Smiling !!!

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