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, Ten top tips on childrens brushing

It’s really important to take good care of your child’s teeth so they have healthy teeth now and when they’re older. LS1 Dental Leeds wants to help educate parents & careers with tips on brushing techniques and dietary advice. Educating children from an early age will not only help to reduce decay rate within children but also ensure they become comfortable with visiting a dentist and any fears can be dealt with and should create better relationships for the future
LS1 Dental Leeds are so committed to helping with the promotion of better oral health for under 18’s that we offer free Dental examinations to U18’s ( that have parents registered with the practice ) to where the children/ young adults can gain expert advice from our experience dental team , as well as enabling any early problems to be diagnosed and treated .
If you ever need advice the LS1 Dental Leeds team are always on hand so feel free to contact us

We can also arrange for visits to the Hygienist , for extra tuition on brushing technique and to give leaflets and hand outs about dietary advice
Leeds City council ran a Smiles campaign , which gave a wealth of information to patients , as part of this campaign Leeds Smiles has a website to help parents and children

Find out how to take the best care of your child’s teeth – watch their short video and read the Top Ten Tips below . Make brushing fun for you and your little one – use the catchy timer song and play the tooth brushing game together.

Watch Video – which shows you the best way to help your child brush their teeth click here :

The two minute timer song will make brush-time, fun-time for you and your child , also check out the games that help make it fun for the children while brushing up their skills

You can download a reward chart to track teeth brushing each week, works great as a visual aid

For more advice visit

Top ten tooth tips

1. Start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as they get their first tooth.
2. Take your child to the dentist regularly as soon as they get their first tooth.
3. Brush teeth for two minutes twice a day – at bedtime and one other time in the day.
4. Use fluoride toothpaste.
5. Spit out after brushing but don’t rinse – fluoride is good for your mouth.
6. Use floss to keep the surfaces between teeth clean
7. Have less sugary snacks.
8. Have less sugary and acidic drinks. Milk and water are the best drinks for children.
9. From six months of age, children should drink from a free-flow cup
10. From three years of age, make sure fluoride varnish is applied to your child’s teeth by their dentist.

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