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LS1 Dental is extremely lucky to be located in the Beautiful suburb of Headingley , not only is it so picturesque but it has fantastic transport links to Leeds , bus, train, car all mean it is only a short journey . Newly updated parking regulations also means that we now how more free car parking directly in front and around the practice than ever before making it even more accessible for our patients. We also offer extremely flexible appointments, so even if you do need to travel in to Headingley to see us ,do not worry we can accommodate you with early morning or late evening openings.

So if you are coming along to LS1 Dental Leeds , to discuss fillings, tooth whitening, veneers, crowns, implants or smile makeovers why not combine it with a little trip around the many shops, café, restaurants and bars based in Headingley , Leeds. Make a Dental appointment a little more enjoyable.

Headingley has long been one of Leeds’ most popular suburbs. For the past 200 years, it has acted as a welcome alternative to the city centre, and to this day, there’s plenty to show for it. From sports stadiums to continental restaurants, classic pubs and the oldest cinema in Leeds, Headingley has loads to offer – So LS1 Dental Have made a little list of the favourite places you could try

Jino’s, Headingley, leeds
There are few things Leeds does as well as Thai restaurants, and Headingley is home to one of the best. Jino’s is just a small cafe on Otley Road, but the food that comes out of the kitchen is worthy of something much grander. From the classic Pad Thai to Thai curries, they do it all for a bargain price, and even better you can bring your own booze to enjoy it all with.

The Original Oak, Headingley, Leeds
With a beer garden like the one at The Original Oak, how could we not include it? When the sun shines, there are few places like it anywhere in Leeds as the hordes descend upon what would probably be better called a little park. The food and drink here serve a purpose rather than pushing boundaries, but it’s all about the atmosphere you’ll revel in.

Art &… The Secret Garden Cafe
This gallery-cum-cafe is a hidden treasure of Headingley with a unique collection of art hanging from its walls and a quaint cafe inside – but it lives up to its name, as few know about it. Perfect for a quick coffee, or, when the sun is shining, losing an hour in their, well, secret garden out back, Art &… The Secret Garden Cafe is well worth seeking out.

Salvo’s Salumeria, headingley, Leeds

Few Leeds restaurants come with the acclaim, both local and national, that Salvo’s does. In their refined Italian restaurant or in their homely Salumeria cafe, Salvo’s serve you up some of the finest dishes to come out of Italy, whether it’s pasta, pizza or their hefty mains. There’s good reason for it being so well renowned – it’s really, very good.

Cricket and Rugby
Headingley Carnegie Stadium, Leeds
Headingley is at the heart of sport in Leeds and has been an iconic destination in both cricket and rugby league. Headingley Stadium and Cricket Ground back onto one another and are home to two of the region’s most loved sporting sides – Leeds Rhinos and Yorkshire County Cricket, who make sport an all-year pursuit in Leeds.

Red’s True BBQ
Red’s have been branching out with their meaty, American goodness since starting a rib-based revolution in the city in 2012. They’ve taken a second, more intimate home in Headingley, but in no way has it affected what we all love most about Red’s – that menu, which is backed with belly busting brilliance, from burgers to ribs, pancakes to pork scratchings.

Beckett Park, Leeds
As university grounds go, few are as impressive as Beckett Park. The Headingley campus of Leeds Beckett University is here, but it’s the acres of lush greenery around it, perfect for a Sunday stroll or a post-work run, that make a visit to Beckett Park a worthy attraction.

Otley Run, headingley, Leeds
Say the word ‘Otley’ and more often than not, it will be followed by the word ‘Run’ – this jaunt is probably one of the most famous bar crawls in the country. It starts from Woodie’s Ale House in Far Headingley and ends up in town, but we all know the most fun is enjoyed at the likes of The Skyrack, Headingley Taps, The Original Oak and The Three Horseshoes.

St Chad’s Church, Headingley, Leeds

With its spire reaching 186 feet into the sky, there’s a familiar sight across the Headingley skyline – St Chad’s Church. Much of the area around it is also dedicated to Chad, the former Bishop of York, but the grade II* listed building, with it’s instantly recognisable orange slate roof, is at the heart of the community.

Cottage Road Cinema, Headingley,Leeds
While the nearby Hyde Park Picture House gets all the plaudits, Headingley has its own historic independent cinema. It’s the oldest cinema in Leeds, having continuously shown motion pictures since 1912, and that shows no signs of abating with its small, but well curated programme of films.
JRR Tolkein’s Old Gaff
It’s a well known fact that JRR Tolkein once lived in Leeds and it is here where the inspirations for his world of Middle-Earth began to take shape. His former home at 2 Darnley Road commemorates such literary history with a blue plaque emblazoned on its front.

Headingley Castle
You might not have realised it but there is such thing as Headingley Castle. Sat in impressive grounds just behind The Original Oak, the building has been known as The Elms since the 19th century, and while it not have the majesty of Kirkstall Abbey or scale of Temple Newsam, it’s a worthy title for an imposing building.

The Bear Pit, Headingley, Leeds
Did you know that Leeds once had a ‘Zoological and Botantical Gardens’? Well, back in 1840 that was the case, however it didn’t last very long, and to be honest, the zoological aspect was clutching at straws – the only animal there was a brown bear and it’s home is still visible on Cardigan Road, even if it is a longtime since the rest of the gardens were there.

Arcadia, Headingley,leeds
There’s one pub that likes to stand out from the rest in Headingley. Arcadia is one of the few places that doesn’t take part in The Otley Run whatsoever, and it’s all the better for it. It’s a craft beer and real ale haven at the top end of town, serving up some delicious brews from as near as Kirkstall and as far as Japan. And if you don’t know what to sip on, just ask the staff behind the bar as they certainly know their stuff.

Headingley War Memorial

Just outside St Michael’s Church and across from The Skyrack is the Headingley War Memorial. The obelisk statue remembers the 125 men from Headngley who lost their lives in the First World War, while also serving as a potent reminder of the our nation’s history.

HEART Centre
The HEART Centre is quickly becoming the heart of Headingley. An enterprise and arts centre, it’s providing a space for local businesses and creatives to make their next important steps, run by local residents themselves. The licensed cafe has quickly become a favourite and the slew of artistic events keep folk coming back.

The Bowery
The Bowery, Headingley, leeds

Bringing together art, food and drink, The Bowery is one of Headingley’s best kept secrets. The gallery offers a platform for innovative artists to display their work in supportive surroundings, while the coffee shop is the perfect place to stop for a cuppa and a bite, in a cool, artistic environment.

White’s Deli, Headingley, Leeds

It’s only been open for a matter of months, yet White’s Deli is one of the coolest stops in Headingley. Whether you’re after a breakfast to start your day right, a tasty lunch or something a little heartier for dinner, White’s has it sorted – they even sell craft beer and wine, staying open until 10.30pm for you to make the most of it.

Thai Sabai, Headingley, Leeds
Down on The Parade, amongst a slew of nondescript shops, lies one of Leeds’ finest Thai eateries. Thai Sabai is all about strong, South-eastern flavours cooked into some amazing dishes that are well worth venturing to Headingley for. From the Thai red curry to the khao pad, you’ll quickly see what all the fuss is about.

Artisan Bakery, Headingley,Leeds

A proper, independent bakery is something you just don’t see these days. But just on the corner of North Lane and Otley Road, the Artisan Bakery is making an effort to change all that. The smell of fresh bread will quickly lure you into a world of loaves, cakes, pies and more – a classic art is well and truly alive here.
Love Rouge
Love Rouge, Headingley, Leeds

Whether it’s just a quick cuppa and a cake or the full afternoon experience, the old school Love Rouge Bakery will have you sorted. They have a range of different brews from breakfast and Earl Grey to Chai Chilli and Lemon and Ginger, while the assortment of sweet treats will mean you’ll never want to leave this vintage haven
Sukhothai, Headingley, Leeds
As you may have guessed, Thai food is incredibly popular in Leeds, and nowhere is that more evident than Headingley. Sukhothai is one of the finest proponents of the South East Asian cuisine and their home on St Anne’s Road, just down from Salvo’s, is well worth a visit for everything from Satay Gai to the famous Weeping Tiger.

Headingley Community Orchard

In an attempt to make use of Headingley’s unused green spaces, a small part of the local community decided to introduce Headingley Community Orchard. The unique aspect of this orchard is that it’s not confined to one place. Across Headingley, in places like St Chad’s Church, War Memorial and Shire Oak Primary School, fruit trees and bushes have been planted to help the area’s biodiversity and provide locals with delicious fruit.

Headingley Community Orchard can be found across the town.

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