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, Broken tooth , Old mercury fillings ? No time to fit in appointments ? Solution here at LS1 Dental

So many patients struggle to juggle busy lives and fitting Dental appointments in , and this can result in leaving treatments uncompleted for long periods of time.

This can now be a thing of the past with the help of one of the most cutting edge pieces of advanced dental technology, CEREC, available here at LS1 Dental Leeds Clinic! CEREC (computer assisted Ceramic Reconstruction) technology is one of only a handful of systems available worldwide for the creation of same-day crowns. It is the first computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) dental system invented. The concept was developed to make ceramic inlays immediately available to patients. This eliminated the need to send dental moulds to a separate facility for fabrication and have the patient come back for a second visit to install the restoration. CEREC technology has been in use since the late 1980s and has been updated continuously since that time. Today, it is routinely used for on-site fabrication of inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers. It is also use for creating temporary bridges or for planning dental implant procedures – so all done in just one appointment !

Our LS1 Dental, Leeds patients love the fact that they can have a whole crown (or crowns) made and fitted for them in under 2 hours instead of the usual two-week wait for lab based work. What’s more, there are no unpleasant impression moulds needed like conventional crown work, no second appointment and no temporary reconstructions needed.

How ?

The initial preparation process for same-day dental restoration treatment is similar to that for a traditional crown, inlay or onlay. Your visit to LS1 Dental Leeds would start with a visual examination of your teeth along with x-rays. This information is used to determine the extent of dental decay and/or damage to your tooth. The current version of CEREC milling technology uses precisely computer controlled diamond bits that can create very thin, very accurate restorations. Your dentist will take this into account in determining how much tissue to remove from the tooth to prepare it for a same day crown. The goal is to remove as little healthy tooth structure as possible while still ensuring an excellent fit where the ceramic restoration will be bonded. Your dentist will use a dental drill to prepare the tooth surface. Then, it’s time to begin creating the CEREC restoration.

The CEREC procedure step by step

Before treatment begins we inform you about the benefits of CEREC.

After removing the decayed tissue or the defective amalgam filling we create a 3D image of the tooth with the aid of the CEREC camera.

The restoration is designed on the monitor of the CEREC acquisition unit.

The CEREC milling unit machines the restoration out of a ceramic block.

The milled restoration is bonded directly to your tooth.

So from a broken tooth or the need to replace old mercury fillings, crowns and inlays Cerec is the treatment for you all completed in one visit at LS1 Dental Leeds, Interest free credit payment plans also available on this treatment.

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