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Cosmetic Dentistry
by ls1_admin, on 3rd February 2017 | 0 comments

The guide to cosmetic dentistry

If you live in America it’s a prerequisite to have great looking, perfectly white teeth. This trend is now catching on here in the UK as more and more ordinary people get excited about improving their teeth and smile.

From basic teeth whitening to veneers, crowns, bridges and revolutionary Invisalign treatment, we all want our smile (and teeth) to look as great as the day we were born.

So, what type of treatments are available?

(1) Smile makeover – from perfectly designed veneers, through to non-surgical botox treatment and specialist dermal fillers, a complete makeover will help you to create a smile that stands out from the crowd.

(2) Teeth whitening – lightening and brightening your teeth (and smile). Treatment can be self administered at home or fully supervised in a dental surgery.

(3) Veneers – fabricated from thin layers of porcelain, each veneer is specially designed, made and permanently bonded onto the tooth surface. Treatment makes teeth look natural and healthy again.

(4) Crowns – involving covering or capping teeth to reinforce their structure, fix broken parts and improve their function and appearance.

(5) Bridges – if you have a missing tooth, it can create an uncomfortable gap in your mouth as well as putting a strain on the teeth either side. To alleviate this, a dental bridge or partial denture may help to restore the way you bite and prevent unnatural stresses.

(6) White fillings – white is the new silver. Discreet feelings do the job without being seen!

Whatever your preference, you can now choose from a vast array of treatments and affordable payment plans as you go in search of your perfect smile.

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