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Did you know that LS1 Dental Leeds offers Prophy-Flex stain removal treatments? We can brighten up your smile in just 40 minutes in our Headingly, Leeds located state of the art practice! Don’t tolerate stains or discolouration on your teeth; get the bright smile you deserve

But we have even better news for you , we have brought back our Spring promotion… so you can now get your hands on the fantastic Prophy- Flex treatment Normal price £65.00, promotional price just 40! This package will also include a scale and polish !!!

The Various Types of Tooth Discolouration

There are a variety of ways your teeth can become discoloured and stained. The most common is called “extrinsic” which occurs when the outer layer of the enamel is stained. This is usually caused by drinking coffee, tea, wine or cola, or from heavy smoking or using other tobacco products. It’s not always easy to cut back on our favourite drinks or smoking habits, so taking care of the stains when they happen is an alternative to keeping a bright smile.

“Intrinsic” discolouration is when the inner structure of the tooth darkens. This can be caused from a trauma early in life that affected the tooth or if you had to use certain antibiotics when you were under the age of 8 years. It can also be a result of using too much fluoride toothpaste as a child. Prophy-Flex won’t be able to remove these types of stains, but it can still help remove plaque and polish the enamel for an overall cleaner feel and better quality of oral health.

Getting Down and Dirty – How Prophy-Flex Stain Removal Works

Visiting LS1 Dental Leeds for a Prophy-Flex treatment can go a long way in removing stains and making your teeth look much whiter and brighter after just one treatment. While the treatment is not specifically a tooth whitening procedure, many clients do comment on how much whiter their teeth appear after a visit. The treatment is safe and quick – and completely painless! It works by having air, water and salt particles (Natrium bicarbonate) projected onto the surface of the teeth at high pressure removing the tiny staining particles from each tooth.

This method of cleaning can reach back teeth and the entire gum line that is very hard to properly reach during brushing. Younger visitors or those just wanting a more pleasant overall experience can even ask for polishing crystals in Mint, Orange, Berry or Cherry flavours which also help freshen your breath. When you’re ready to experience a cleaner smile, trust in LS1 Dental to help make it happen in just 40 minutes!

Call us to make an appointment of if you would like to discuss it further , the LS1 Dental Team are always on hand to offer help and advice

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